When Can You Pick Up Greyhound Will Call Tickets?

Greyhound Lines offers all shoppers options for getting Greyhound tickets online. Bus passengers who choose to pick up their Greyhound will call tickets at a bus counter need to have either an ID or a Greyhound ticket password.

When Can You Pick Up Greyhound Will Call Tickets

The bus company has a formal, written policy which states that:

Passengers should be at the bus counter at least one hour prior to departure to pick up will call tickets.

Despite the fact that the formal policy requires one hour lead time, most Greyhound ticket agents will let you pick up your will call bus tickets at any time so long as the bus is still loading. However, because of the existence of the formal policy, any passengers who arrive at the terminal less than one hour before their bus departure time have no recourse if they do not get their tickets on time.

On rare occasion, Greyhound bus terminals are swamped with passengers and it can take as long as an hour to get to a ticket counter. If you plan to come early during a busy travel period you can avoid missing a scheduled bus because you were late picking up will call tickets.

For bus ticket purchasers who want to pick up will call tickets far in advance, Greyhound allows for ticket pick up at any time during normal ticket counter operation. Other than a slight delay between the time of purchase and when the bus computer system processes the order, you can pick up Greyhound will call bus tickets at any time more than one hour before departure.