What is a Greyhound Ticket Password?

A Greyhound ticket password is an optional security feature available on all online Greyhound ticket transactions. If the person who buys the tickets will not be the same person who picks up the tickets from will call, then the purchaser has two choices:

What is a Greyhound Ticket Password

1) Provide the name of the person who will pick up tickets at will call. Greyhound ticket agents will require this person to show a photo ID to pick up the tickets.

2) Choose a password. The password must be less than eight characters. Anyone who presents the reference number and the correct password at a Greyhound ticket window will be given the tickets.

The major advantage of a Greyhound ticket password is that the person picking up the tickets does not need to show identification. Just the ticket reference number and the password are required to get the tickets.

The major disadvantage of a Greyhound ticket password is that someone else can steal your bus tickets if they happen to know both your reference number and your password. Once the tickets have been picked up from a will call location, the purchaser has no recourse and no way of receiving a refund.

The password option is available for both one-way Greyhound bus tickets and normal round-trip Greyhound tickets. Since the password is free, many ticket purchasers who are getting a ticket for someone else choose to use the password option as opposed to relying on an ID.

In addition, using a Greyhound ticket password means that you do not have to designate one specific person to pick up the tickets and you can decide who will pick up Greyhound tickets at will call after you complete the purchase transaction.