Tips For Riding a Greyhound Bus

Current economic conditions have made it necessary for many to seriously reconsider how they spend their money. Traditionally, travel by airplane was the standard when considering a trip to another country, for some, traveling by bus was not even a consideration. Today however, record numbers of travelers are realizing that travel by bus is a far more cost effective option. While it’s true that traveling by bus is much more of a time commitment, the savings are often enough to offset longer transit times.

One of the most important considerations is to understand your own limits and create a plan that is not only economical, but meets needs such as comfort and safety as well. Be conscious of your surroundings and listen attentively to what others are saying. It’s vital to remember that you’re in unknown environment and that a bus is sure to be full of exhausted, occasionally grumpy, travelers. When approached or engaging in dialogue, examine your strengths, weaknesses, and current stress level to decide how much time and energy you are able to devote to polite conversation. Appearing outwardly relaxed goes a long way towards self preservation on a long bus trip.

Within the last year I have been on four Greyhound adventures and spent more than 200 combined hours in transit and waiting in bus stations. With each journey I found many useful tips from personal experience, attentive observation, and educational conversations. I had many misconceptions about what a bus journey was all about, and expect that others can benefit from my lessons learned. Regardless of whether you are looking for one-way Greyhound bus tickets or you are looking for ticket discounts on round trip Greyhound travel, memorizing a few tips for riding a Greyhound bus can make your journey more pleasurable.

Build relationships with all the drivers and provide a face to them to recall. Ask sensible questions in regards to the trip, the bus, or the itinerary. This simple tip can make the difference between having the driver take a second look to make sure you’re on the bus or getting left behind after a pit stop. If you take the time to interact with your driver, they will often be more accommodating of requests such as turning down the air conditioning or radioing ahead to ask whether the bus you’re transferring to is running on time or not. If you’re unable to chat with your driver in the station prior to departure, it is best to at least ask a few purposeful and short questions when boarding the bus.

I’ve learned that it’s always best to just stay away from possible trouble makers, and avoid displaying similar behaviors, having witnessed the outcome of improper behavior on the bus. Don’t board a bus intoxicated or smelling like booze or drugs. Don’t argue with the bus driver if they are unable to accommodate your personal deviations from the itinerary. Don’t board the bus with banned items. Bus drivers won’t wait until a situation escalates, they’ll simply remove the trouble maker from the bus. The bus driver is in control, and it is up to their judgement to provide a controlled and safe environment for all passengers.

I favor a moderately sized backpack with a partial divider, exterior zippers, and a good amount of internal pockets. I pack carefully, thinking about what I’ll need and when I’ll need access to it on the trip. I reserve an outer pocket specifically for my ticket. A different outer pocket can be used for a print out of the entire trip itinerary. I like to keep either a mint can or small sandwich bag filled with small change and a few dollar bills. This really is convenient for all those runs for to snack machine with very little time to spare. In addition, I use storage zip bags of various sizes to group things together within the backpack.

Perhaps you have stood in line at a supermarket? It feels like ages before you arrive at checkout unless you spend your time doing things besides simply standing. The old adage, times flies when you’re having fun, certainly applies when traveling. Doing something fun or worthwhile during transit will definitely help pass the time. Instead of just sitting, looking out the window, or sleeping, be sure to include several diversions that’ll make the hours spent on the bus and in stations feel like mere minutes.

Using the bathroom is probably not something many you will need help with, but it’s important to note that when traveling long distances on the bus, circumstances change. Be ready for the unexpected will a well planned carry on bag. On top of any regular medications, consider maximum strength over the counter medicines for nausea and diarrhea. Women, even if you don’t expect to need them, pack a few days’ worth of your preferred feminine hygiene products. Toilet paper, baby wipes and hand sanitizer are a must have to minimize bathroom inconveniences. If you’re stuck in traffic on the bus or even in a bus station, these things will almost certainly come in handy. Even if you don’t end up needing them being prepared can help you reach out to fellow travelers who may not have been. Besides, their comfort will definitely affect your own comfort in such close quarters.

Make the most of each and every stop. Just before or soon after arriving at a stop, ask if the bus is on schedule and if there is going to be time to do everything you hope to do at that stop. Also ask about where food and other necessities are located at each stop. Short breaks will be cut even shorter if the bus falls behind schedule, and the bus driver may even decide not to let anybody off the bus.

Bus travel isn’t always the quickest or the most comfortable method of getting to your destination. It can be really easy to get frustrated should if you begin the trip with unrealistic expectations. Being prepared and doing all your homework undoubtedly helps and provides opportunities to make better memories and maybe learn a couple of life lessons during your trip.

Be conscious of the guidelines for checked luggage, and the fees for oversized and heavy luggage. I weigh my bags in advance and leave a several pound buffer for scale discrepancies. Stepping out of line to dance a two pounds overweight luggage shuffle is not at all something I want to experience again. Ensure that all items are packed securely. Loose or oddly shaped items might not be allowed or you might be asked to pay a package fee on top of the cost of your ticket. Also note that bags made of plastic and other flimsy materials are typically not allowed as checked luggage. Refer to the company website on a regular basis for updates on luggage requirements and exclusions.

Currently, Greyhound allows two checked bags. Other bus companies which work with Greyhound might allow fewer or have different standards for checked baggage. The baggage allowance for the company that services your point of departure will typically be honored for the duration of your trip. For instance, should you begin your trip on an Indian Trails bus, your ticket allows you to three checked items. Even if the ticket includes a transfer to Greyhound for a leg or two, Indian Trails will label your bags and you should be allowed three bags on the Greyhound legs without paying extra fees. An exception to this rule is forbidden items. If traveling with two or more bus companies, make sure to always crosscheck their contraband lists.

I suggest bringing a durable water bottle that you’re certain doesn’t leak. There’s any number of reasons why you might not be in a position to buy something to drink for extended periods of time. It’s much better to always have water available than nothing whatsoever. I now travel with a stainless steel bottle with a screw top lid that has a clip attached to it. I keep the bottle hanging from my backpack as opposed to trying to squeeze one more thing in to my bag. It will get banged about frequently, so pick a durable bottle. If I have half finished food items that cannot be resealed, I usually leave them on the bus or dispose of them shortly after disembarking for a transferring. Going through the bustle of a transfer with open containers is certain to spell disaster. Instead, purchase a new bottle of your favorite beverage or bag of chips and don’t open it until you’ve loaded your bags and boarded the new bus.

I keep important documents and cash in several different places. I don’t keep cash in checked luggage. I keep several dollars on my person for all those quick stops where I want to grab a soda or candy out of the vending machine. I keep enough cash in my backpack to buy a good meal or fill up on snacks along with other supplies at longer stops. The rest of my cash I split up and keep in hard to reach places. After showing my identification at check in, I put my wallet in a hidden pocketbook, as I shouldn’t have to access it again until the end of my journey. When traveling with important documents including my birth certificate and my Social Security card I keep them in a waterproof bag at the bottom of my backpack. The aim is to make sure that in the unfortunate event of a pickpocket, or something simply falling out of your bag, you do not lose all your cash and documents in one go.

I have notice a number people who seem well traveled bring collapsible insulated coolers for day trips. This is really convenient not only for keeping drinks cool but also for snatching a cold sandwich or other perishables when the opportunity arises, and keeping it fresh for when you need it if you know that breaks will be few and far between.

The front part of the bus is a great spot to sit for several reasons. Younger travelers and adults traveling with children tend to move towards the back of the bus, so stick near the front for a more peaceful trip. Sitting near the front also lets you get off the bus quicker at pitstops. It’s also worth noting that that on some buses there are just two seats with increased legroom, on the left hand side behind the driver. It’s not much, but if you’re able to claim one of those seats it might make for a much more comfortable ride.

Don’t wear lots of jewelry. It does not matter if it’s actually affordable and merely looks pricey, jewelry is jewelry. Should you misplace it, you’ll likely never see it again. Additionally, there may be thieves searching for an easy mark. Wearing lots of jewelry while traveling is an easy way to signal to thieves that you probably have money to spare.

More specific tips on how to make use of your time on a Greyhound Bus trip:

Catch Up On Your Reading or Writing

Pull out the old pad and pencil, if you’re a writer, a kid who is from home or parents traveling, while spending time in your seat traveling by bus and catch up on those letters you should write. Despite the reputation of the web and e-mail capabilities, a letter may be quite a special treat for a parent or aged relative. Recall you can find those who usually do not nor ever will buy or utilize some type of computer.

Have a Portable DVD-PLAYER Along

The world of technology has really supplied man with exceedingly exceptional creations. No more should you wait for a power outlet to love seeing films. Simply take along a number of your preferred movies on DVD or buy several new DVD’s for that excursion. Buy or choose the films that’ll need sufficient time enabling one to ease during your journey. Using a tiny bit of preparation, you can spend your whole trip catching up on recent smash hits.

Simply take Along Your Laptop or Laptop

Traveling by bus could be advantageous. Obviously, a number of us only like to sleep while traveling. Simply take along a pillow plus a blanket, if this is really the case.

You are able to look after a number of one’s writing work offline, while you may perhaps not discover online connections available every-where. As an example, if you’re a writer, you’re able to draft post topics and prepare the basis to your own articles or manuscripts while traveling. In case you have planned ahead and taken good care of nearly all of the research, all you’ve to do while traveling is draft the ultimate file.

Simply take Along a Portable Radio or an Ipod

Like to hear music? Perhaps you enjoy jazz, gospel, country western or whatever tweaks your fantasy. Simply take along an earphone, your Ipod or a mobile radio and dance the full time away. Obviously, ensure that your music is low should you not need earphones. You don’t need to become rude to other travelers.