One-Way Bus Ticket Price on Greyhound

Traveling one-way on a bus can be far cheaper than looking for a one-way fare from an airline. The one-way bus ticket price on Greyhound is generally 50 percent of the price of a full-round trip ticket.

Greyhound bus tickets are commonly sold both as one-way fares and round-trip tickets. Unlike passenger airlines, bus tickets have little additional surcharge for one-way travel for most destinations. For some less popular destinations Greyhound Lines may offer a small discount for round-trip bookings.

One Way Bus Ticket Price on Greyhound

However, often the discount offered for round-trip purchases is the same as, or even smaller than, other bus ticket discounts available directly from the company. Since discounts don’t stack with other offers, savvy shoppers can find better deals by looking for cheap tickets as opposed to just buying the market price of a round-trip ticket.

The options for booking a Greyhound bus ticket are the same regardless of whether you are looking to buy a one way ticket or a round-trip ticket. Booking online is the best and most common choice. Phone reservations and walk-up purchases are also available as an option.