How Many Bags Can You Take on Greyhound?

Traveling outside of major cities in North America often involves taking lots of luggage. With airlines imposing hefty baggage fees for checked bags, cost-conscious travelers may want to consider taking an inter-city bus with their luggage. Greyhound Lines offers relatively generous policies for taking bags onto the bus. The specific answer to the question: “How many bags can you take on Greyhound” depends on multiple factors including bag size, weight, and method of carry.

Technically Greyhound has no limit on the number of bags allowed to be taken with a passenger. However, the company does charge extra fees for luggage depending on the specific bags included on the trip.

How Many Bags Can You Take on Greyhound

Three major factors determine the number of bags allowed with a passenger on Greyhound:

Greyhound imposes limits on the external dimensions of each bag. The maximum “free” allowance is 63 inches for the bag. See more detailed information on Greyhound Luggage Limits. Any bags less than the maximum allowance for size do not incur any extra fees. They are still subject to other restrictions.

Greyhound has a strict 50-pound limit on the weight of any “free” allowance bags. Any bag heavier than 50 pounds is subject to excess bag fees. While this restriction is generally enforced for bags checked under the bus, if you are able to carry a heavy bag by yourself onto the bus then most conductors ignore weighing the luggage.

Method of Carry
Greyhound uses a strict difference between bags that are checked under the bus and bags that are carried onto the bus. Bags that are too large to be reasonably carried onto the bus and stowed under the seat usually have to be checked. Since the bus only offers one free checked bag, this causes each additional bag to incur the $15 extra checked bag fee. If you are willing and able to carry one bag onto the bus in addition to checking one bag, you could potentially get two 50-pound bags and one personal item to travel with you on the bus for free.

Best Way to Take Bags on Greyhound
The best way to answer the question of how many bags can a passenger take on a Greyhound bus is to organize correctly. Pack two, medium size, 49-pound bags that you are able to carry yourself. Then carry one small personal item such as a backpack or fanny pack that can remain on your person on the bus. Check one bag. Carry the second bag yourself onto the bus. Assuming you can handle the bag yourself then should have no problems taking more than 100 pounds of stuff with you on your next trip on Greyhound Lines.