Greyhound Ticket Discounts

Greyhound Lines is the largest interstate bus company in North America serving more than 3800 distinct destinations. Greyhound is best known for its passenger bus service which carries over 25 million individual passengers per year. Although Greyhound bus tickets are already cheaper than other transportation options, Greyhound ticket discounts bring down the cost of bus travel.

Greyhound Ticket Discounts

Purchase Greyhound Tickets in Advance
Like airplane fares, the price of Greyhound tickets fluctuates over time. Tickets for Greyhound buses are far cheaper when purchased in advance as opposed to the day of travel. Greyhound commonly advertises advance purchase deals that offer a large discount for buying at least two weeks before travel. Smaller discounts are still available for buying one week before traveling.

Buy Greyhound Tickets Online
Greyhound tickets are sold through bus terminals, independent retail outlets, and online. The best Greyhound ticket deals are only available to online purchasers. Discounts vary based on route, time of purchase, and other coupons (see below). Note that many online discounts also stack with additional Greyhound advertised specials making for an even cheaper bus ticket.

Family Companion Fares
Greyhound Lines sells companion fares to attract passengers who are interested in riding in groups. Most companion fares involve large discounts of 50 percent or more for each ticket purchased beyond the first. Companion tickets require identical itineraries with all tickets acquired in the same transaction. In addition to generic companion fares, Greyhound frequently advertises family specials whereby family members can receive additional discounts for traveling as a group.

Greyhound Bus Ticket Discounts

Greyhound Road Rewards
Airlines offer frequent flier programs to attract and reward customers who fly consistently on the same carrier. Greyhound offers a similar program called Greyhound Road Rewards. Greyhound’s customer loyalty program provides rewards for frequent bus travel with larger benefits as yearly travel increases. Even infrequent bus passengers can benefit from the program as Greyhound offers an immediate ticket discount for all new signups.

Greyhound Ticket Discounts For Children
Children traveling with their parents or guardians are eligible for ticket discounts on all Greyhound buses. Young children under the age of 2 can currently ride for free as long as they do not occupy their own seat. Older children between 2 and 12 are eligible for a discounted fare as long as a full-price adult fare is purchased at the same time. Children’s Greyhound ticket discounts may not stack with other coupons and discount offers so be sure to compare detailed ticket pricing for the best deal.

Greyhound Ticket Discounts For Military Personnel
All active duty military personnel and their dependents currently qualify for a special discount on Greyhound bus tickets. Retired military (but not their dependents) also qualify. The military discount is based off of the highest published, last-minute fare so it may be smaller than the applicable discount available to advance purchase, online, or other customers.

Discount Greyhound Tickets

Greyhound Ticket Discounts For Seniors
All senior citizens are eligible for a discount off of full-fare Greyhound bus tickets. Greyhound currently defines senior citizens as being age 62 or older. The senior bus ticket discount is calculated from the standard, base fare. Buyers who take advantage of online purchases, advanced purchases, or other discounts may save more money by foregoing the senior discount and using one of the other discount bus ticket options.

Greyhound Ticket Discounts For Students
Students under the age of 18 or older students enrolled full-time in a college or university also quality for a discount off of Greyhound standard rates. The discount for students is larger than the discount for seniors or military and is based off of the highest published rate for Greyhound bus tickets. Student discounts generally require proof of enrollment and participation in the Student Advantage card program (see below). As with other demographic discounts, Greyhound student discounts do not stack with other bus ticket discount programs.

Greyhound Ticket Discounts For Veterans Advantage
Active duty and retired military personnel can apply for a membership card called Veterans Advantage. The Veterans Advantage card currently costs $60 annually. The VA card provides a discount on Greyhound bus tickets which is larger than the standard military discount.

Greyhound Ticket Discounts For Student Advantage
Full time students can purchase a special discount card called Student Advantage. The Student Advantage card provides proof of enrollment and makes card holders eligible for the standard discount offered to students traveling on Greyhound Lines.