Greyhound Road Rewards Program

The Greyhound Road Rewards program is a frequent rider program similar to airline frequent flier programs. In the case of Greyhound, every trip taken on the bus counts towards additional status on the Road Rewards program. Since traveling by Greyhound bus is the most common form of bus transportation across North America, signing up for the program is highly recommended for all bus travelers.

Greyhound Road Rewards Program

Details change often as Greyhound Lines reserves the right to alter the program at any time.

The current deal is four different benefit levels based on activity:

Just for signing up with Road Rewards you receive a 10 percent off coupon for any Greyhound ticket.

After 6 one-way rides (or 3 round trips) you receive a free companion pass, a one-time 15 percent off coupon for any Greyhound ticket, and a 10 percent discount on food and drinks at any Greyhound-owned location for one year. The companion pass provides for a free Greyhound bus ticket with purchase of an identical ticket.

After 10 one-way rides (or 5 round trips) you receive another free companion pass and a one-time 20 percent off coupon for any Greyhound ticket.

After 16 one-way rides (or 8 round trips) you receive one free ticket to anywhere Greyhound travels.

The Road Rewards program is distinct from any other Greyhound ticket discounts. As such, one-time coupons generally do not stack with other discount offers. Buying Greyhound tickets online versus in-person may make a difference for some passengers.

Passengers who buy tickets in person are responsible for determining which discount offers the cheapest price. Although some Greyhound employees may assist, ultimately the passenger is responsible for deciding which ticket to purchase. For passengers buying tickets online, the computer system will automatically determine the best discount and apply whichever discount offers the cheapest price.