Greyhound Bus Tickets: One Way

Taking a Greyhound Bus is not only easier than flying on an airplane, it can be far more convenient as well. One area where bus trips excel is in one-way travel. Greyhound Bus Tickets for one way trips are a popular option with travelers going in a single direction.

Greyhound Bus Tickets: One Way

Unlike with airlines, Greyhound does not charge a large premium for one way bus tickets. In fact, the price of a Greyhound one way bus ticket is usually half of the price of a Greyhound round trip bus ticket. For many popular routes, booking two, one-way tickets on Greyhound at different times costs exactly the same as booking a full round trip bus ticket. On less popular bus routes there may be a slight discount offered to round trip bus passengers as opposed to those looking for a one way ticket on Greyhound.

As with all ticket purchases on Greyhound, passengers looking to buy a one-way bus ticket should be aware of different Greyhound ticket discounts. In particular, the advance purchase discounts may be harder for one way bus passengers to get because most single direction trips are last minute.

One Way Greyhound Bus Ticket

One way tickets on the bus are especially convenient when riding to a major city. Since Greyhound has many routes leaving from large cities, travelers can book a one way bus trip into the city and simply wait to book another one-way ticket back home. Bus routes to less popular destinations are not as frequent so it may be harder to find last minute, one-way tickets on Greyhound.

Greyhound tickets for one way travel and round trips can be purchased through all normal outlets including Greyhound bus terminals, third-party bus ticket retailers, and online through bus ticket websites.