Greyhound Bus Ticket Prices Round Trip

Greyhound bus ticket prices for a round trip are generally two times the cost of a one way trip on Greyhound. But like most travel companies, Greyhound Lines uses a wide array of promotions which change the actual price of a ticket for many travelers. The standard price of a one-way Greyhound ticket is set first by the company for a specific route between two travel destinations. Then, the round-trip price is set based on twice the one-way price.

Greyhound Bus Ticket Prices Round Trip

Any discounts on a Greyhound ticket as well as differential pricing for booking online versus booking in person are then added or subtracted as a standard adjustment. Given the nature of most bus passengers, one-way Greyhound tickets are often far more popular than round-trip tickets. A one-way ticket allows for more flexibility in both booking and makes changing or not using a ticket far less painful.

In certain situations, the price of a round trip bus ticket will be less than the comparable price of two one-way tickets. The carrier does offer special fares for routes to drum up sales during slow periods. In addition, regional sales are common for some parts of the country. These special promotions often result in a round trip ticket, or a group of tickets, being cheaper than the equivalent number of one-way tickets even for the same routes.

Unfortunately, the actual price of a ticket on a Greyhound bus is highly variable. Due to occupancy, competition, routes, time, and other factors, bus ticket prices fluctuate dramatically. Finding a static price for a particular route is unlikely outside of the highly competitive North East corridor routes between major cities.

The price of a trip on Greyhound is also dependent upon any additional fees charged by the carrier. Passengers who do not abide by Greyhound baggage policies or travelers who exceed the standard Greyhound luggage limits will find that the added price for these incidentals will often exceed the actual price of the ticket. But passengers who plan ahead and only bring items within limits will be able to avoid additional fees.

Above all else, be sure to sign up for the free Greyhound Road Rewards program before buying any ticket on Greyhound Lines to be eligible for automatic discounts and free bus tickets in the future.