Free One Way Bus Tickets

Given the high cost of transportation across the country, many riders are looking for free one-way bus tickets on Greyhound Lines. With the largest route network in North America, Greyhound is the top choice for one-way bus tickets.

Free One Way Bus Tickets

Cost is a major consideration for all bus travel. The price of a one-way bus ticket on Greyhound is generally half of the price of a round-trip ticket on an equivalent route. As such, there are no discounts offered for one-way bus tickets during normal operation.

Some carriers offer free one way bus tickets after a passenger has purchased a certain number of rides. Greyhound ticket discounts include a variety of special deals for specific demographic groups. The company also has a Road Rewards program that offers progressively better deals after certain number of bookings.

The Greyhound Road Rewards program is the most common way to get a free one way bus ticket on Greyhound Lines. Program rules change periodically, but the current offer is for frequent passengers to receive one free ticket anywhere Greyhound goes after purchasing 16 one-way tickets (or 8 round-trip tickets). See the link on the program for more details.

Many cities also offer free one way bus tickets to disadvantaged populations. Mental health departments, homeless shelters, and community support programs often have a small budget that can be used to buy one way tickets for needy residents. Since rules vary by city, interested riders should contact a shelter or community organization for local information. Unfortunately, Greyhound Lines itself does not offer any specific program to give free one-way bus tickets to the homeless. More details about other alternatives are available from the company and local community service organizations.

Although free one way bus tickets are rare, the price of a cheap bus ticket is often within reach for most shoppers. Riding off-peak times and taking longer (non-express) routes can generally save enough money to make a one-way bus ticket a reasonable expense.