Free Greyhound Bus Tickets For Homeless

Greyhound is the largest provider of bus travel throughout North America. Due to its size, Greyhound Lines receives significant pressure to provide free Greyhound bus tickets for homeless people. Particularly in the United States, transportation on Greyhound is the primary means for indigent folks to get from one city to another. But due to taxes, fees, and fuel costs, the total cost of a bus ticket on Greyhound exceeds the financial ability of many poor people. Receiving free Greyhound bus tickets for homeless is a common request from downtrodden travelers throughout the country.

Greyhound used to run a specific program to award “in-kind” goods and services to non-profit organizations throughout the country. The program targeted charitable organizations which would have the most impact in their local communities. Greyhound Lines no longer has a formal program of providing in-kind, free bus service to any specific organizations. through an open application process. The company does still partner with various entities to provide free bus tickets to homeless families, homeless veterans, and other marginalized groups. However, there is no formal program through Greyhound to award free bus travel.

Many local non-profit organizations throughout the country sponsor bus travel on their own. For example, an organization called Traveler’s Aid International offers discounted bus tickets to those in need, including the homeless. This project is run directly by the sponsoring organization and not through Greyhound. Another large source of potential tickets is the Veteran’s Administration through their VA Hospitals, Clinics, and Shelters. The VA has a formal program through which they will pay for public transportation on buses for affected veterans who need care from the VA.

Some church groups, homeless shelters, and community-based care organizations also offer free Greyhound bus tickets for homeless people in their specific community. But since there is no nationwide source of information about these organizations, there is no way to identify specific sponsoring non-profits in every city throughout the United States. Homeless people interested in contacting these groups for free bus travel through Greyhound Lines should start at the closest church or care center tasked with helping people get back on their feet.

Once a poor person has received a free bus ticket on Greyhound, they are treated no differently than any other passenger. As such, rules regarding baggage limits, over-weight fees, and transfer considerations apply to homeless bus travelers as well.