Five Concerns When Riding a Bus

Although the bus is generally a convenient means of transportation, it is certainly not without a few challenges. A Greyhound Bus is often the cheapest form of transportation. In addition to learning appropriate behaviors when on Greyhound, the following is a list of five struggles commonly faced when using the bus.

If you are truly in a hurry, need to arrive on time at your destination, or must ride a bus that’s always slowed by additional passengers at each bus stop, you are probably familiar with the secret hope that your driver will simply ignore the passengers waiting at each stop. Sharing the bus with other patrons is not necessarily a problem, but in the end, you are on the bus to complete a journey and time to destination is your main concern. Absence of consideration for other bus riders is probably not one sided either; most people would agree they want a smooth transit experience and don’t greatly care who is moved around or inconvenienced in the process, as long as it’s not them.

Using a busy bus is similar to the old-childhood game of musical chairs. Only with the game on the bus there is no music and the vehicle is in constant motion. With a crowded bus and passengers standing in the aisles, every passenger who enters scans the length of the bus in the faint hope of locating an empty seat before it is spotted and taken by another passenger. Even the most jaded bus rider feels great by identifying a vacant seat that allows them to sit while other patrons are forced to stand for the duration of the trip. Likewise, nothing makes a bus rider more furious than having a seat taken right from under their noses.

Actually getting on to a bus is another adventure in and of itself. The victor is usually the most self centered and not worried about jostling others for position. A packed stop which is full of people means that dozens of individuals will all be competing to get on to the next bus. The moment that bus pulls to a stop, the mass of passengers will begin shoving in an attempt to get onto the bus first. All manner of rude antisocial behavior are typically pardoned by this bizarre bus culture and woe betide the passenger caught unawares. The victors of the sport are rewarded with first pick of the available seats, and it is the loser who is usually left standing.

Losing something on the bus is a kind of twisted treasure hunt in which you must depend upon, or race against, the mass of other people on the bus in locating missing items. Should you notice another coach passenger briefly place something precious on a vacant chair or lose some thing important, you’ll spit and look at them like a vulture might a carcass. You secretly wish more people would leave their items behind so you can swipe them once they get off the bus.

You might get caught in the only seat next to the insane guy, loud mobile phone jerk, rowdy children, or a stinky man and fervently wish they had sat next to anyone but you. You may also look upon others’ seats with envy. Any seat with additional space such as a window, a seat near the door, or even the seats in the very back of the bus are highly coveted. You obviously have little concern for the additional people on the bus and simply want what is perfect for your bus ride.