Do Greyhound Tickets Get Cheaper?

The price of transportation fluctuates dramatically based on destination, method of travel, and time of purchase. Since bus tickets are generally the cheapest form of transportation, many buyers wonder: do Greyhound tickets get cheaper the longer you wait?

Continue reading to understand the pricing of bus transportation like Greyhound Lines:

Do Greyhound Tickets Get Cheaper

In general, Greyhound tickets do not get cheaper the longer you wait. The price of bus tickets usually follows a predictable path. There are two types of fares for all bus lines.

The first type of fare is a set bus fare that does not change dramatically over time. Most of Greyhound Lines bus ticket prices fall into this category. Since the bus company has predictable routes and lots of data about passenger loads, the price of tickets on Greyhound closely matches demand for specific routes.

The second type of fare, usually found on more competitive routes or on small bus companies, is a fare that changes dependent upon the number of days until departure. Far in advance of the departure date tickets are usually quite cheap. Prices rise very slowly until 4-8 weeks prior to departure. The price of tickets then stabilizes until shortly before departure when prices reach their maximum point.

The theory behind market-based pricing for bus tickets is that travelers who are completely flexible and who can plan months in advance are quite sensitive to the cost of the tickets. If prices were too high, these flexible, leisure travelers would simply decide not to travel. Thus the bus company must set a relatively low price to get these travelers to purchase a ticket.

As the destination date gets closer, bus travelers become more insistent and more desperate to actually travel on a particular date. Passengers who need to travel for interviews, family, or work reasons are unlikely to be flexible. Thus the bus company is able to charge more money for these types of travelers to get them to their intended destination on a specific date.

Keep in mind that no matter how far in advance you purchase Greyhound tickets, and whether you buy Greyhound ticket online or in person, you can always choose Greyhound will call tickets and can pick them up far in advance of departure.